About us

PresidentWelcome to Green Korean Language School!

I would like to congratulate on your decision to accept the challenging and exciting task of learning Korean. You have made an excellent choice, enrolling in Green Korean Language School, one of the most friendly Korean language schools in Seoul, Korea. At GKLS our expert teachers and staff share a commitment to provide you with the very highest quality learning experience. A new language can be learned in a variety of active, dynamic situations. Our school is located in Jongno, the heart of Seoul. While studying here you can meet the representative and real aspects of Korea as well as improve your Korean ability.

GKLS offers a wide range of Korean courses, flexible schedules and social activity programs. You can take any combination of courses you wish, depending on your interests, goals, language level and schedule.

We sincerely hope that you will make the most of your wonderful opportunity to live and learn in GKLS in Seoul, Korea. For those who have the motivation to work hard and play hard, GKLS offers a highly rewarding learning experience, and new friends and memories that will last a life time.

Enjoy learning Korean at GKLS, a nice and friendly Korean language school.