Registration Information


Class Program Tuition
Regular Class - Morning Program 10:00-13:00
- Afternoon Program 14:00-17:00
* Four days a week (Monday ~ Thursday)
* 16 days/month (48 hours/month)
* Beginner Course opens every month.
- Tuition 410,000 Won/Month
Short Term Class * Two-day Course, Three-day Course, or Five-day Course Two-day Course: USD 294/person
Two-day Course: USD378/person
Five-day Course: USD434/person
*Textbook fee is not included. Please contact us if there are more than 2 persons who want to take the class.
Theme Class 7:00pm ~8:30pm,
Every Monday & Wednesday
(8 times/month, total 12 hours)
One month - 200,000won
Two months - 380,000won
Private Lesson & Visiting Lectures One to One
*1:2 or 1:3 Class is also available
Private Lesson
One person 38,000Won/hour
Two persons 27,000 Won/hour
Three persons or more 20,000Won/hour

Visiting Class
One person 48,000Won/hour
Two persons 35,000Won/hour
Three Persons or more 25,000Won/hour
Remark Registration Fee (20,000 Won) and materials fees are not included in the tuition of each program.

Tuition Refund

Please refer to the refund policy.