Private Lessons & Visiting Lectures

Private Lesson

Private class is held at our institute, 1:1 (or 1:2, 1:3). Class schedules are flexible so you can decide how many hours you are going to take. You can choose the class time and date, the textbook that you want to study with, the areas and the contents that you want to study. It will help you to improve your Korean proficiency more efficiently in a short time.

[ We recommend this program to students who ]
- can not join our regular class and want to study Korean at your convenient time
- want to focus on his/her own interested areas (conversation, pronunciation, business Korean,
TOPIK preparation, etc. )
- want to study Korean just with 2~3 friends of his/hers at his/her convenient time
- want to learn Korean with a teacher who can speak his/her native language.

[ Tuition ]
1 person 1 hour- 40,000 won
2 persons 1 hour - 27,000 won/person
3 persons~ 5 persons 1 hour - 22,000 won /person
6 or more Please contact us.
※ Registration Fee 20,000 won, Non-refundable
※ The minimum class hour is 1 and a half hour.

[ Registration & Inquiries ]
- tel : 02-732-1128
- fax : 02-732-1104
- e-mail:

Visiting Lectures

This program is designed for office workers or students who are occupied with work and study and can not find time to come to an institute for study. We’ll try to suit your individual needs and anyone who wants ‘visiting lectures’ can decide the class time & date, the place where you want to study, and the textbook or contents that you want to learn, at one’s convenience.

Our institute has many qualified teachers in teaching Korean as a second language and most of them have a good command of a foreign language (English, Chinese, or Japanese), which will help learners to understand Korean lesson more. By joining this program you will be able to improve your Korean ability which is practically required at your company or at your school more efficiently.

[ Tuition ]
1 person 1 hour - 50,000 won
2 persons 1 hour - 35,000 won/person
3 persons 1 hour - 27,000 won/person
4 persons 1 hour - 23,000 won/person
5 persons 1 hour 20,000 won/person
~ more Please contact us.

※ The minimum hours of class is 2 hours a day.
※ In case the location is out of Seoul or Busan, transportation fee will be additionally charged.

[ The List of Corporations & Schools ]
Graduate School of Management, Seoul National University
Trans Cosmos
Global Business Team, Shinhan Bank
Global Business Team, Hana Bank
Sumitomo Corporation
Daewoo Securities
SK Construction Inc., and others

[ Registration & Inquiries ]
- TEL : 02-732-1128
- FAX : 02-732-1104
- e-mail: