Regular Class - Saturday Regular Program

Class Introduction

Regular Program - Saturday Regular Course
Class Hours Every Saturday
Morning Class 10:00 AM~1:00PM or
Afternoon Class 12:00 PM ~15:00 PM

Class Size 3 ~ 10 persons per class
Textbook Sogang Korean
Tuition 160,000 won/month
Registration Fee 20,000 won
(Non-refundable, One time payment at the time of registration)

GLSK’s levels and goals

Level Study Goals
Beginner G1

■ Learn Korean Alphabet
■ Learn basic Korean expressions such as ‘Greetings, Self-introduction, Buying Stuff, Meal Order, Weather, and etc.’ for communication in a daily life.
■ Make simple sentences using basic words and grammar

Textbook: Sogang Korean 1A (Student book + Workbook)
Textbook: Sogang Korean1B (Student book + Workbook)
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

■ Learn Korean Expressions used at a post office and at a bank. Also learn expressions required in‘making a phone call’, ‘asking for help’, and etc.
■ Learn formal and informal expressions.

Textbook: Sogang Korean 2A (Student book + Workbook)
Textbook: Sogang Korean 2B (Student book + Workbook)
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Intermediate G3

■ Can use basic and simple conversation without difficulty at some public facilities
■ Can understand socially appropriate expression.
■ Can understand basic characteristics of spoken language and written language and use them.

Textbook: Sogang Korean 3A (Student book + Workbook)
Textbook: Sogang Korean 3B (Student book + Workbook)
Level 7
Level 8

■ Can carry out the functions required in doing general business.
■ Can understand social and abstract themes and use them.
■ Can understand frequently used idioms and Korean cultures and use them.

Textbook: Sogang Korean 4A (Student book + Workbook)
Textbook: Sogang Korean 4B (Student book + Workbook)
Level 9
Level 10
Advanced G5

■ Can learn the language function required in professional fields or research fields and use it appropriately.
■ Can understand overall themes in politics, economy, society, culture, and even in unfamiliar fields and use them.
■ Can use the Korean language appropriately according to the situation, the formal & informal context, and the written & spoken language.

Textbook: Sogang Korean 5A (Student book + Workbook)
Textbook: Sogang Korean 5B (Student book + Workbook)
Level 11
Level 12

■ Acquire the language function required in some professional or research or business fields and use them fairly fluently.
■ Can understand political or unfamiliar themes without difficulty.
■ Does not have any difficulty with carrying out the language function in most fields and communicating with others freely.

Textbook: Sogang Korean 6 Speaking
Textbook: Sogang Korean 6 Reading
Level 13
Level 14

Tuition Refund

Please refer to the refund policy.